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What do I have to offer you? My design specialists and I will provide a comprehensive design plan for each room of your home, including floor plans, elevations, photos of the proposed furniture, art and accessories. Our goal is to help you visualize your room exactly as it will be before buying any furniture, painting, installing wood flooring and carpets or making any purchases. I have a great team of professionals whom CBD has been working with for many years and are committed to the success of your project.

"I Do the Work So You Don’t Have To"
Offering the services from concept to completion:

  • Design Consultation
  • Furniture Selection
  • Space Planning
  • Floor Plans
  • Color Selection
  • Complete Room Design
  • Custom Cabinetry
  • Kitchen & Bath Design
  • Offering Construction Services
  • Project Coordination
  • Kitchen & Bath Cabinetry Distribution
  • Flooring
  • Accessory Specialist
  • Window Treatments
  • Restaurants
  • Office Space
  • Commercial Projects
  • Restaurants, Office Space, Commercial Projects
    and so much more!

What if I don’t need a full design service? That’s ok! Not everyone does, here's how I can help you!
Many times you are just looking for consultation on furniture placement and color palette. Or maybe you need help shopping in order to avoid costly mistakes and don’t really need a full design service. The 4 options below take a more in depth look at how our services work.

Option 1: Designer for a Day
For a one time design fee, I will come to your home or place of business, answer your design questions and help you with the following:

  • Furniture Placement
  • Color Scheme
  • Window Treatment Ideas
  • Room Coordination
  • Design Styles & Ideas
  • Accessorizing

Option 2: Shopping
Don’t make costly mistakes! Why go shopping only to get home and find that your colors don’t coordinate, the furniture doesn’t fit or just isn’t what you expected?

If you need guidance in shopping for furniture, fabric, wall coverings, decorative accessories, flooring, bath and kitchen materials, to name a few, this option is for you. It’s off to shop at Designer only showrooms that offer the most up to date furnishings not available in most retail stores.

We also specialize in Accessorizing. Remember, the right accessories are like the wrapping and ribbon on a gift. Finish off your room to tie all your beautiful furnishings together.

Option 3 Real Estate Staging:
Are you planning on selling your house? Get top dollar! With the help of our interior design service your home will be enhanced enough to increase the equity in your home and make a quick sale.

Option 4 Concept to Completion:
This option is for clients who want a full design service. Serving the smallest to the largest design projects. While any of these phases can be done individually, most clients needing a full interior design service will incorporate a minimum of 3 of the following phases:

Phase I
1- Consult with the client and architect on spacial planning. This includes room scale, placement and size of doors and windows, bathroom size and placement of bath fixtures, kitchen size and placement of appliances and cabinetry, etc.

Phase II
1- Acquire proposals from contractors and trades people.
2- Accept appropriate bid proposal and set project timeline.

Phase III
1- Comprehensive floor plan for room/s being designed.
2- Comprehensive lighting plan based on floor plans.
3- Plumbing Fixture Plan for Kitchen and Bath.

Phase IV
- Project Management (This phase will be continuous)
1-Coordination of Trades (timeline)
2-Oversee construction and scheduling.
3-Make sure your project is running on time and on budget.

Phase V
1-Choose a design style.
2-Choose architectural detailing specific to your chosen style. Some of these items are doors, hardware, moldings, windows, wood flooring, custom cabinetry.

Phase VI
1-Choose a color palette for each room with fabrics, flooring covering, window treatments, cabinet colors, solid surfaces, all tile, bath fixtures, light fixtures, fireplace design and specifications, wall coverings, etc.

Phase VII
1- Place orders, oversee production and delivery schedules.

Phase VIII
1- Final accessorizing of Décor.

Finally, I want you to understand that the most important aspect of your project is that we achieve together a style for your home that you will love and be comfortable with whether you are there for years to come, or whether it's short term. Our service prides itself on making our clients happy and creating a style that is all their own. Please feel free to call and discuss which option suits your needs the best.

Call (631) 351-4673 now and be on your way to making your home Comfortable by Design.

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